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Whether you are looking to start a new auto glass repair business, add-on to your existing offerings, or will be performing chip repairs in a shop or as a mobile technician, Delta Kits has a professional windscreen repair kit to fit every need.

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Professional Windshield Repair Kit - See Repair Under 5 Minutes

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EZ-400D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System review By Auto Glass Digest

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Steve K. Korey's customer service and technical support is second to none! I was able to learn the process and understand my system via FaceTime and now I am up and running & making $$$

Gina H. I absolutely love the way this product works. It has helped me tremendously!

Timothy C. Hands down the easiest and most self explanatory repair kit I’ve ever purchased. Its really affordable and you don’t just get the product that you pay for , you get a company that helps and actually answers questions and will help. It’s great for guys that’s been in the business for years and it’s great to start new techs on . The product is always great quality and the customer service is second to none . Delta kits is my only go to when it comes to windshield repair.

T. Crump Until 2019 I never really done any rock Chip repair. I was skeptical about getting a kit. Once I seen this one and every question I had was answered I knew this one would be good. It’s easy to use and gives me the ability to produce great repairs in just a few minutes. Wouldn’t change for a thing.

Rick A. Love the equipment and Monique is so easy to reach when we need supplies

Jonathon R. The B150 is the real deal! Our techs love the simplicity of the kit

Juan J. The system is easy to use and they have a lot of helpful videos on YouTube

Darrell H. Well organized & well put together.

Pacios J. A little learning curve, but quality product. I can use the metal body again and again.

Brian C. I like the spring system in pump - it's designed for the technician to walk away and work another repair.

Jerry F. I am a mobile only technician, which means I often find myself in inconvenient work spaces. This kit allows me to carry everything I need to do multiple repairs in a very efficient manner. From the curing light to the battery pack, everything fits nicely in a small tool box.

Aranda M. What I like the most about my Delta kit is that it is easy to carry everywhere and easy to use.

Dino P. The simplicity of the tool. I tried other systems, and this is the best way to go in business.

Charlie B. I like the reliability of the resin. When I get done with a repair, I know the repair is solid.

Susan S. This system is great and ready to use. Make all your money back in no time. Thanks Delta Kits

Dakota K. I love this item... me living in south Louisiana we have a crazy humidity problem, and sometimes the resin won't cure. With the UV light, it will cure it in a heart beat

Mason M. So at first I didn't know anything about the industry. I had never done repairs, never looked into who were the big players on the market and everything else. But when I got interested in the business, and began researching it, Delta Kits continually popped up as the number one choice for products and services. I went with Delta Kits because of the established credibility. When I bought the kit, I was thinking about how pricey it was. After the training class however, I understand the quality of the equipment, and how to properly use it. In my opinion, especially being new to the business, I felt that it's better have the best equipment and training you can afford, to help kick start your own business with established credibility. That's important in the buyers mind. So I went with the best of the best that I could find (Delta Kits). And the windshield repair training class itself, I would say, is comparative to the equipment they (Delta Kits) sell, in that they are both very high quality. Prior to class, I really knew nothing about the business of rock chip repairs, how it works, or how to do repairs themselves. After the class, I feel like I can perform repairs at a high standard that will satisfy customers. And another thing I feel is very important about Delta Kits (my experience at least), something that you don't get a lot of with businesses these days, is their continued effort to help you out when needed. I believe that I can pick up the phone and call, or even email Bruce (the trainer) with any questions I have and he will help me out. That's something that's hard to come by in today's market, and it stands out in my mind. I feel comfortable calling them to ask for help when I need it, and I'll continue to do so as time goes on. To sum it up, my experience working with Delta Kits was great, their equipment and training both exceeded all my expectations, and I left their training feeling confident in my abilities despite having no prior experience in this industry.

David G. Love how simple and easy to use this system can be. This system has paid for itself with the savings alone with my fleet.