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Delta Kits professional windshield repair kits are highly respected for quality, affordability, durability, and ease of use and are preferred by professional windshield repair technicians worldwide. Our systems come with everything necessary to not only achieve professional quality windshield repairs every time you perform a repair, but also the service and materials required to help you become a professional in the field – helping you to grow your business and increase your profit. Need help finding the perfect windshield repair kit? Give us a call.

So Fast and Easy, the Proof is in the Repair

Because we do not add unnecessary bells and whistles, our systems are actually faster, use less glass repair resin per repair, and cost far less than other windshield repair kits. But don’t just read about it – see for yourself how fast and easy-to-use our bridge and injection system works in real time.

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  • YOU CAN COUNT ON US Delta Kits is the leading manufacturer of windshield repair products. Over 35 years of innovation says we aren’t going away anytime soon.

  • ONE-STOP SHOPPING From resins and burs to curing lamps to drills and windshield repair bridges, Delta Kits has you covered.

  • QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our commercial-grade windshield repair products and supplies.

  • SUCCESS STORIES Simply put, Delta Kits empowers you to succeed. Let other windshield repair technicians tell their story.

  • FAST, RELIABLE SHIPPING We offer multiple shipping options to help keep your business rolling along.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT We provide up-to-date product information, online training videos, business resources and more, so you’ll always have the support you need.




One Resin Does it All

And one of our resins is all you really need for bullseyes, star breaks, long cracks, colored glass… you name it. Exceptional for all types of windshield damage, our resin matches optical clarity the first time, every time, making it the strongest, most versatile resin on the market.

An Unbreakable Bridge Assembly

Easy-to-use and clean, this three-pointed, slotted base design allows for perfect leveling on both flat and curved surfaces, as well as nearly infinite injector position adjustment, even edge repairs. You can keep this bridge for life with its lifetime warranty and sturdy construction.

Do Multiple Repairs at a Time

Our exclusive spring-loaded injector is preferred by auto glass repair professionals worldwide. With just one turn, you’ll go from vacuum into pressure and vice versa with considerable ease, allowing you to work on other repairs between cycles.


With 6 systems to choose from and help with financing, Delta Kits has the system for you regardless of your situation or budget. Call us for your free consultation and we’ll get you hooked up with your perfect system.


Go from never having completed a repair to being among the best repair technicians in the industry. You’ll get the training, tech support, content offerings, and connections for continued success. Contact us any time.

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