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Before registering with these TPA’s you will need:
1.) Federal Tax ID
2.) General Liability Certificate
3.) Email address for correspondence and EFTs – Electronic Funds Transfers
4.) Up-to-Date W-9 from

Network/TPA Name: SGC Network –
Registration: Downloadable Application
Invoice Submission: Mail, EDI Provider, or Online
Contact Safelite Solutions network

Network/TPA Name: Lynx Services –
Registration: Online Application
Invoice Submission: Email, EDI Provider, or Online
Contact Lynx Services

Network/TPA Name: Strategic-HSG Code Blue (formerly known as Harmon Solutions Group) –
Registration: Downloadable Application
Invoice Submission: EDI Provider or Online
Contact Strategic HSG – Send an Email to or Call Denise Henry at 715-830-6197

Network/TPA Name: Gerber National Claims Service –
Registration: Call: 866-638-4527
Invoice Submission: Fax: 630-735-2395 or EDI Provider
Contact Gerber National Claim Service