ProBond Acid-Free Resin

  • Nominal viscosity: 11cp
  • Acid free*
  • Ultra-low toxicity
  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Fast curing
  • Great for small bullseye’s, combination breaks and star breaks
  • Recommended for ambient temperatures below 100°

*Windscreen repair resins reported as “acid free” may contain trace amounts of acid in quantities below federal reporting requirements

Characteristics shared by all Delta Kits injection resins include:

  • Superior flexibility to compensate for expansion, contraction and glass flex
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Compatible with all windscreen repair systems
  • 15 ml plastic bottle fill resins include a dropper tip as well as glass pipette style dropper
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Low acrylic acid content

From the Archives

Dealing with Sensitivity to Windscreen Repair Resins

Windscreen repair resins come in a variety of colors, viscosities and qualities but most have one thing in common; they contain acrylic acid. Acrylic acid can cause a sensitivity to windscreen repair resins. Acrylic acid etches the glass to provide maximum adhesion. Because the number one goal of windscreen repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass, the resin’s ability to bond with the glass is crucial.

So, while acrylic acid is a key ingredient in most top of the line windscreen repair resins, like all acids it is important to follow proper safe handling procedures. Then if you get resin on your equipment or a customer’s windscreen wipers, upholstery or paint job, it may cause damage. Acid-based resins may also cause skin irritation if handled irresponsibly. In fact, in rare cases individuals may develop a hyper-sensitivity to acrylic acid after repeated exposure to the chemical. Of course, if left untreated hyper-sensitivity can lead to a burning sensation or open sores.

Nitrile Gloves and Sensitivity to Windscreen Repair Resins

With this in mind, there are several ways you can protect yourself from the effects of acrylic acid in resin. First, you should always wear nitrile gloves when doing a repair or cleaning up afterwards. Nitrile gloves can block the corrosive effects of acid, unlike latex gloves which cannot.


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Training and Tradeshows

This windshield repair training is a hands-on, intensive, one day course designed to take your repair quality to the next level. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, this class is right for you!

Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to offering the highest standard of training in the windshield repair industry. During the Delta Kits Training and Certification course, technicians are trained to follow ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards), the industries best practices. Delta Kits Training and Certification covers all technical aspects of windshield repair and will take you from never having completed a repair, to being among the best technicians in the industry. The marketing and insurance billing discussion is designed to help you become more successful in your windshield repair business.


Who are our experts:

Heinrich Hermanus from Jerxheim in Germany has been working with Delta Kits since 2003. As a certified Delta Kits trainer, he has taught numerous people how to perform perfect rock chip repairs in the years since 2006. As a Delta Kits distributor in Europe, he speaks German and English and provides valuable services to many customers and users with his clearly formulated tips and instructions, whether by phone, mail correspondence or on-site at the customer.

Graham Watson, is one of the original Novus Technicians in the UK since 1988 and since then has been running a very successful windscreen repair service in the UK. In 2008 Graham was named Windshield Repair Person of the year at the Mobile Tech Expo, an award he is very proud of as it is voted for by his peers in the trade. For the past 10 years, Watson has been active training technicians for the repair industry and specializes in advanced training for techs with previous experience, during this time he has been lucky enough to work with people from many different countries. His passion for helping others carry out the best quality repairs possible shows in the time he spends offering advice on different trade forums as Screenman.


ProBond AF 5010 Resin

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