Delta Kits ClearPro and ClearPro PLUS Headlight Restoration systems are constructed and designed with the high standard of quality Delta Kits users have come to expect. Our Headlight Restoration Systems will eliminate yellow or cloudy discoloration from polycarbonate headlights using Infinity 4.1, the longest lasting and the only water based headlight coating in the industry. Not only are our systems effective and easy to use, but you will be shocked by the tremendous results and the enormous profits by offering this service.

Ultimate Coating

The ultimate headlight coating - Infinity 4.1 is a proprietary formulation. The self leveling and quick dry properties make it the easiest to apply with a simple wipe-on application.

Unsurpassed Value

Low cost per application and unsurpassed value. Delta Kits Clear Pro (and PLUS) headlight restoration includes everything needed to clean, sand, polish, and protect over 60 lenses.

Fast & Efficient

The headlight restoration process is quick and simple to complete and provides a like-new finish that will significantly enhance the value, safety, and appearance of any vehicle.

Highly Profitable

HLR is a highly profitable service that saves customers hundreds of dollars. The average supply cost per restoration is $6.58, while the average charge per restoration is $80.

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Headlight restoration

Ultimate professional headlight restoration systems:

  • Delta Kits Infinity 4.1 is a proprietary formulation that is very easy to apply; it is a simple wipe-on (optional spray on) application.
  • Infinity 4.1 will not crack or peel like competitor products and provides a durable finish that lasts for years. Infinity 4.1 is a low VOC water based coating offering safe application and easy cleanup. It is eco friendly and there are no special shipping requirements.
  • Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus professional headlight restoration systems include everything needed to clean, sand, polish, and protect over 60 headlight lenses. The key to successful restoration begins with the removal of the OEM protective coating.




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